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Marketing With A Website.

“You only have one chance to make a first impression.”
~ Unknown

In the age of the Internet, you’re business is sunk if you don’t have a website…or one that looks dated or cookie-cutter. Having no website is like being a secret agent…no one knows about you. Having a less than professional-looking website is like showing up to a formal event wearing disco clothes. In either case, your business won’t be taken seriously by consumers.

“Your brand online begins with your website.”
~ Don Roberts (Expert SEO San Jose Consultant)

Your business brand needs a website with an updated “look & feel”…clean, uncluttered, and professional in appearance. But, that’s not all it needs…

Your Website Needs This, Too…

When a consumer lands on your website, you have 3-7 seconds to capture their attention, or they’ll hit the back button…and never return.

The best performing websites have customer-engagement elements on them…things that:

  • Grab their attention
  • Answer the questions they have, and
  • Provide social-proof
  • Get the prospects to contact you

When you have an optimized website, it attracts search engines (like Google)…and customers.

Here’s Something Else To Consider…

A website is a powerful sales tool for your business…that runs 24/7.  It doesn’t even take time-off during the holidays. When set-up right, your business website can help you begin the “Know, Like, & Trust” cycle that is crucial for helping turn prospective consumers into customers. A properly set-up website is a faithful 24-hr lead-generation machine for your small business.

What To Do Now…

“If your not marketing your business, your business is dying.”
~ JT Foxx (Business Coach)

If you don’t have a business website…or it looks tired or cheapish, your business is slowly dying. Smart business owners are sure to include website marketing into their small business marketing mix.

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Don Roberts

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