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The Next Best Thing To Actually Being In Front Of Your Target Customer…

“A recent study revealed that website visitors who watched video were 64% more likely to buy  than other online shoppers”
~ Josh Ratta (Video Marketing Expert)

Video allows you to begin the “Know, Like, and Trust” sequence…incredibly important for helping turn a prospect into a customer. With video marketing, you can begin to establish a relationship with a prospect looking for your products and services…before you ever meet them. Think about that

Here’s An “Ah-Ha” Moment…

A trend that has been increasing is that consumers prefer video over reading paragraphs of text. By now, you begin to realize that when you marketing your business with videos, you are providing information about your business in a way that consumers are telling us they prefer. That’s a smart move.

So, now what? You’re great at what you do, and you have existing loyal customers who think so. But, it’s likely that new prospects who’ve just found your website don’t know anything about you. Using video marketing, you can quickly get in front of your prospects and begin to establish authority, expertise, and desire for your products & services in their minds.

And, that leads to more sales. Makes sense, right?

Video Marketing – A Competitive Jedi Move…

Savvy business owners use video marketing because they know that videos tend to rank well in Google search results. That helps you cut-in-line in front of your competition…and land right on Google’s Page 1 search results.

That should get you chomping-at-the-bit to get started with video marketing.

What To Do Now…

Naturally, video marketing is smart small business marketing move to make. Call (408) 890-6395 to discuss how video marketing can bring more sales to your small business.

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