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Social Marketing – A Strategic Opportunity.

With well over 1.5 Billion registered users on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+, it’s highly unlikely that your prospects are not actively using one or more of them…every day.
~ Don Roberts (San Jose SEO consultant)

If you are not actively engaging with your prospects “when” and “where” they hang out, you are missing out on a significant marketing opportunity for your small business.

Social Media Marketing – Marketing Done Differently

Simply advertising your products and services in the social world doesn’t work. People don’t go to their favorite social platforms to get pitched to about products and services. They go there to talk, share, and find out information. In the social arena, many users will flag something as “spam” if it looks like sell-sell-sell is going on.

Social media marketing give’s you the opportunity to establish yourself in the social arena as an authority and subject matter expert on what your business does.

A Strategic Opportunity…

“Why do you need to be on Facebook? Because your competitors and customers are there. If you aren’t on Facebook, then your business is missing out.”
~ Network Solutions

One of the strategic things about people using social media is that they are all connected to other people…family, friends, and co-workers. The average Facebook user, for example, has about 128 contacts…many of whom end up reading the messages coming from this average Facebook user. Are you starting to see an opportunity for your business here?

Because of the way communication works in the social media properties, your conversation also gets read by many of the contacts of the person you’re communicating with. It gives you the opportunity to get on the radar of users who may well have never heard of you or your business previously. And, when you come across as appearing authoritative on your subject and being helpful to others, you are paving the way to more sales for your business.

What To Do Now…

Marketing via social media is something that smart business owners do because they know it brings them more sales. But, many small business owners have no time for posting messages in important social media communities…especially on a frequent basis. Luckily for you, we provide a done-for-you social media marketing service tailored to your small business. We’ll set-up social media accounts (if you don’t already have them). And, we’ll engage with your prospects. That will lead to more sales for your business.

Call (408) 890-6395 to find out more on how social media marketing can drive more business to your business.

Don Roberts

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