Small Business SEO

What Is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a vital part of something larger called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). And, SEM is part of something even larger called small business marketing.

Google Search Results Page - Blue: Paid Advertising, Green: Organic (Natural) Listings, Red: Google 7-pk Business Listings

Google Search Results Page – Blue: Paid Advertising, Green: Organic (Natural) Listings, Red: Google 7-pk Business Listings

Naturally, small business marketing encompasses everything you do related to marketing your business to your prospects (Internet, print media & collateral, radio, TV, etc.).

Of course, SEM takes place on the Internet, and it encompasses all activities that are designed to have your business website (and other online assets) show up favorably in the search results. This includes everything that shows up in either the “organic” search results area within the search results, as well as the “paid” search results that show up in the paid advertising area of the search results. SEM also overlaps with Social Media Marketing, video marketing, business listing marketing, and reputation management marketing.

Finally, SEO encompasses all of the strategic things that can be done to your website (also known as “on-site”), as well as the strategic things that can be done off of your website (also known as “off-site” or out on the Internet) that influence where your online business assets appear in the search results. SEO also overlaps with mobile marketing.

OK, but what does all this mean to my business?

How It Affects Your Small Business

“97% of consumers check out local businesses online before they decide to call or visit. 88% take action within a day.”
~ Google

Here’s The Problem…

There are only 10 organic listings on each page of search results. And for certain local business related keyword search phrases (e.g., chiropractor campbell ca), Google will also show up to 7 additional “business listings” within the organic search results (also known as the “7-pk”). No matter how you slice it, there are only 10-17 organic search results listings possible on Pg 1.

Naturally, due to the large number of competitors that most small businesses have, it stands to reason that most of the small businesses will not be very findable online because, as Google reports, “9 in 10 searchers do not go Pg 1 of search results.” So, if your business does not show up favorably in the search results, your business is missing out on sales – that are going to your competitors who are appearing favorably in search results.

Something Else…

Image of Do Not Enter Sign

No SEO or “SEO” Spam: Don’t Go There

It’s well known within the Search Engine Optimization community, that SEO done-right can greatly influence favorable positioning of business websites and relate assets. But, two other SEO things are also known:
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  • SEO done-wrong can have a disastrous affect on your search results positioning
  • Not doing SEO at all equates to you operating your business like a secret agentnobody knows you exist

By now, you begin to realize that you’re missing out on sales because your small business is not showing up in the search results that most consumer see. Your business is not very findable online.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s What SEO Done Right Can Do For Your Business

Business Dominating Pg 1

Business Dominating Pg 1

SEO done-right can help your small business dominate the search results by having one of more of the following on Pg 1 of Google and the other search engines:
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  • Your Website
  • Your YouTube video(s)
  • Your important customer reviews listings, such as Yelp, Google+, and others
  • Your important business directory listings, such as Google+ Local Business Page, Yahoo! Local Business Page, Bing Business Page, SmartPages listing, Merchant Circle, and many others
  • Your specialty listings, such as BBB, Angie’s List, Guild Quality, Diamond Certified, and many others.

Here’s What You Can Do…

You’ve got choices.

You can do nothing – and continue having your business operate on the back alleys of the Internet.
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  • Result: Your business will continue to not be very findable online, and new sales will remain flat or worse.
[/addsomebling_closeit] You can go with one of the countless offers you get weekly from weekend warriors who clog up your inbox or pester your receptionist saying they’ll put you on Pg 1 of Google – most likely by spamming the Internet with thousands of links to your business website.
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  • Result: You may get to Pg 1 for a few days until Google realizes what happened – then, they’ll penalize your website by burying it deep within the search results index – or banning it entirely. You’ve wasted your marketing dollars, and you’re still missing more sales. And, you might need to get a brand new website domain name.
[/addsomebling_closeit] You can go with an offer by one of the national “small business” marketing firms that provide you with what we perceive to be a low quality website and tell you that you’ll get a lot of customers when they get you to Pg 1 – which often is more of a pipe dream.
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  • Result: Same result – wasted marketing dollars and no uptick in sales. By the way, none of our current clients who had a service like this before joining with us noticed any appreciable results either.
[/addsomebling_closeit] You can call us now at (408) 890-6395 to discuss your needs. We’ll talk about where you are now, where you want to be, and together how we can help you get there. No high-pressure. Promise.
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  • Result: Start enjoying more sales.

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