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Attention: Small Business Owners Looking For More Effective Marketing Methods

This is arguably one of the most powerful ways to make more sales…

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This method’s proven track record is decades old, yet many small business owners are either unaware of it…or think it’s only for big companies.

And, this method easily makes your business more findable online.

What is it? You’ve probably already guessed. But first, consider this…

What do you think a prospect of yours will think when they land on your home page for the first time and see that your business has been mentioned on their local TV, radio, and newspaper websites?

How’s that for standing out from your competitors?

This Is What Does It…

Image of a Press Release Marketing Ninja

Press Release Marketing is Ninja (image by imaspy)

“How” can you make that happen? Press Release marketing. That’s right, with a Press Release.

The fact is that Press Release marketing can quickly land your business on local, regional, and national media websites…as well as on the coveted Google News itself. And that’s great because you get the type of exposure and credibility for your business that you simply cannot get any other way.

How Press Releases Affect Search Results…

Another great benefit of Press Release marketing is a bit on the “techie” side. Google and the other important search engines place a lot of value on links within Press Releases appearing on important local, regional, and national media outlets (Think: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, etc.). A link in your Press Release pointing to your business website’s home page is considered a strong vote of confidence from the important media outlet’s website to your business website. And, that’s significant because this helps your website to rank more favorably in the search results. Imagine the affect on your website of having 100+ media outlets pick up your press release…

You may not be aware of this, but the smartest Internet marketing professionals secretly use Press Release marketing to help get their client’s websites to the top of Google search results. (Hint: Don’t mention that to your competitors…)

How To Have Media Outlets Contact You…

Media editors and reporters are always looking for new stories to feature. Recently, I submitted a Press Release related to, and I got a call from the local ABC radio station wanting to interview me on-air about the effectiveness of Social Media. Imagine this happening for you…

How To Issue A Press Release…

Image of ABC letters for press release marketing

Press Release marketing is simple to do, yet very effective. (image by mwookie)

Until recently, Press Release marketing was hard and expensive. To issue a Press Release, a businesses had to hire an expensive big-time marketing agency to get the Press Release written and distributed. And, the business typically had to have a lot of marketing dollars in the first place to even get the attention of the expensive marketing agency. While the big companies with unlimited marketing budgets were all set, small business owners like you and I were simply left out in the cold.

Fortunately for us, things have changed for the better.

The fact is that every small business owner can now enjoy the benefits of Press Release marketing…and for a lot less than what a big-time marketing agency will charge you.

What To Issue A Press Release About…

When presented with the idea of this powerful opportunity to gain widespread exposure and enhanced credibility in their marketplace, some business owners wonder “what” they would issue a Press Release about. The fact is, you can issue a Press Release for just about anything. One major exception is that it cannot read like an advertising piece (Think: “Buy My Stuff”).

Here’s An Example Of What To Write A Press Release About…

I’ll use the example of a home remodeling general contractor to illustrate the point. But, realize that ANY small business (like yours) can adapt this powerful strategy to their business.

Our general contractor’s name is “Mike”. Recently, he earned the Angie’s List “Super Service Award” for 2012. In the general contractor world, this is the coveted award that less than 5% of all contractors earn. This is an ideal subject for a Press Release.

Mike’s also been incorporating “green” materials in some of the homes he’s remodeled. Since increasing numbers of people embrace the “green” movement and would likely want “green” materials used in their home remodeling project, this would also be an excellent opportunity for a Press Release. And, it may get noticed by one or more local area “green” architects that Mike has not work with previously who may want to talk to Mike about working with them (Think: More business for Mike).

Image of a Light Bulb for Press Release Marketing Ideas

Let Press Release Marketing Ideas Just Pop Into Your Head (image by brokenarts)

But, Press Releases can be about everyday business things you may not have associated previously with a Press Release.

Other Ideas For Press Release Marketing…

You’re only limited by your imagination:

  • Have you gotten a new (or renewed) accreditation?
  • Are you giving a presentation, talk, or an interview?
  • Have you written an article, a special report, or created any type of video?
  • Have you recently hired a new key employee?
  • Have you recently moved, opened a new location, or expanded in your current location?
  • Are you offering a new product or service?
  • Have you added a new feature to your website?
  • Have you sponsored an event or cause?

You get the idea.

The Key Takeaway…

Image of Nike swoosh

Press Release Marketing – Just Do It! (image by Javier)

You won’t be graded by how important (or not) the topic of your Press Release is. The key takeaway here is to begin Press Release marketing…and get Press Releases out there working for your business 24/7.

Smart business owners issue a Press Release. And, the savviest among them issue Press Releases frequently (monthly or quarterly).

I now issue Press Releases to announce each new edition of Digital Marketing Guide. That’s a minimum of (12) Press Releases a year that I get my small business marketing services business highlighted in important local, regional, national, and international media outlets. I take advantage of this amazing opportunity. How about you?

How To Come Up With Ideas For Press Releases…

Instead of going blank on “what” you would issue a Press Release about…simply relax your mind and just let ideas pop into your mind. Re-read the examples above to stimulate your mind. Ideas will begin popping-up right and left as you drive to work, shower, stand in line at the store, etc.

A Word Of Warning About Press Release Marketing…

Image of Do Not Enter Sign for Press Release Marketing

Avoid Common Mistakes in Press Release Marketing (image by Don Roberts)

Some small business owners mistakenly decide save a few bucks and write their own Press Releases…then, mistakenly go on to distribute them through free Press Release distribution websites.

I believe that the old saying “Penny Wise and Pound Foolish” applies here. While business owners can certainly save money doing press release marketing this way, my observation is that they often end up wasting their time because they are not aware of two important things.

Press Release Marketing Mistake #1…

First, there is a right way (and a wrong way) to write a Press Release. Mess this up, and your Press Release can easily be rejected for violating one or more requirements from a long list of acceptable practices used by important media outlets. Inadvertently violating one (or more) acceptable practices generally means that the local and regional coverage you were hoping for by the big outlets simply does not materialize.

And, if you’re tempted to get a super low cost Press Release written by a discount online service, realize that it may likely read as though it is more suited for the recycling bin. I know this because I’ve never gotten favorable results going this route.

[important title=”Press Release Marketing Tip #1″ color=”red”]Get a well-written Press Release because it will stand a good chance of getting accepted by Press Release screening editors.[/important]

Press Release Marketing Mistake #2…

The second important thing is that, in my opinion, free Press Release distribution websites do not have nearly the impact compared to the distribution websites who charge for their services. How do I know. I’ve used the free ones…but, no more.
[important title=”Press Release Marketing Tip #2″ color=”red”]Go with a high quality, paid distribution service because it will help get your Press Release picked-up by numerous important media outlets.[/important] While it can be tempting to save a few bucks on free and discount Press Release marketing services, don’t be surprised to find out that your results are not very favorable.

Press Release Marketing – The Better Way… offers a custom Press Release marketing service (Press Release creation and distribution) for small business owners. We know “how” to write Press Releases to ensure maximum acceptance, and you can take advantage of our favorable distribution costs due to our agency accounts.

[important title=”Press Release Marketing Tip#3″ color=”red”]Start with one Press Release…and enjoy the benefits of your business getting mentioned on important media outlets in your marketplace. Then, step-up your Press Release marketing by issuing more frequent Press Releases to really blow-up your sales and solidify your business as the “go to” business in your market. This is a Ninja move.[/important]

What To Do Next…

To find out more about Press Releases marketing for your business, contact us at (408) 890-6395

Look forward to talking, Don Roberts

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