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 Customer Count Avg Dollar
per Sale
per Month
How to Get There????
% Increase   %%
Sales Boost$0$0
Lifetime Value of a Customer
ADollar Amount of Average Sale
BNo. of Sales per Year
CNo. of Years a Customer
DAdditional Customer Referrals per Year
E% of Referrals Who Become Customers
FGross Sales per Year per Customer (A x B)$0
GGross Sales Over Lifetime (F x C)$0
HNew Customers Annually from Referrals0.0
ILifetime Sales from Referrals (H x C x G)$0
JTotal Value of a Loyal Customer (I + G)$0
(Size of List)
Per Month
Response Rate
Avg Dollar
per Sale
Monthly RevenueAnnual Revenue
Sales Boost$0$0
Size of List
% Discount
Cost of Discount$0$0$0$0$0
Cost of Service
Current Statistics:
# Avg Appointments/Day# Open Appts/Day
Appt Capacity/Mo% Open Appts# Open Appts/MoAvg Dollar
Monthly Lost RevenueAnnual Lost Revenue
Lost Revenue0X0%=0X=$0$0
Percent Reduced Open Appts=0X$=$0$0
Less Cost of Service$0
Net Gain in Revenue$0.00$0
ROI ?%
 Customer Count Avg Dollar
per Sale
 Conversion /
Response %
 Monthly SalesAnnual Sales
How to Get There????
% Increase   %%
Revenue Boost$0$0
Additional Monthly Product/Service Cost $0
Net Revenue Increase $0$0
ROI  ?%
Value of a Customer  Cost of Losing Customers AnnualMonthly
Amount of Average Sale No. of Negative Online Reviews 
No. of Sales per Year No of Lost Customers Per Review 
No. of Years a Customer     
Additional Customers Referrals/Year Lost Revenue (Yearly Cust Value) $0$0
% of referrals who become customers     
Gross Sales per Year per Customer$0 Lost Revenue (Lifetime Cust Value) $0 
Total Lifetime Value of a Loyal Customer$0     
* 2009 Convergys Corp. Study: Single Negative Online Review can
Cost the Average Business an Average Loss of 30 Customers

2011 Cone Online Influence Report: 80% say NEGATIVE online information
changed mind about purchasing a product or service
Revenues AnnualMonthly
Current Sales Revenues $0
How Many Additional Stars? (1, 1.5, etc)  
Increased Revenue % (5-9%) *$0$0
Cost of Reputation Marketing  
Net Revenue Increase $0$0
Reputation Marketing ROI  0%
* 2011 Harvard Business School study shows EACH additional Star on Yelp increases Revenue by 5-9%
 Current Marketing Efforts AnnualMonthly
ATotal Sales/Revenue $0
BNumber of Sales/Transaction (A / C) 00
C$ Avg Transaction Per Customer $0
D* Estimated Number of Avg Transactions Per Customer
Approx number of times Avg Customer returns
ENumber of Unique Customers (B / D) 00
F* Estimated % of Repeat Customers
Approx number of Avg Customers who are Repeats
GNumber New Customers (E - (E x F)) 00
HTotal Customer Value (C x D) $0$0
ICurrent Total Marketing Budget
Ads, Promotion, Technology, Services, etc
JCurrent Cost to Acquire One New Customer (I / G)$0  
KCurrent Net After 1st Transaction from New Customer (C - J)$0  
LCurrent Annual/Monthly Net Per Customer Value (H - J) $0$0
 Additional New Marketing Effort   
MAnticipated Number of New Customers 0
N$ Avg Transaction Per Customer $0
OTotal New Customer Revenue (M x N) $0$0
PCost of New Marketing Services $0
QAdditional Cost of New Marketing Svc Per New Customer (P / M) $0$0
 Net $ Per New Customer From New Service (M - Q)  $0
 New Cust ROI After New Mktg Service  0.0%
Terminology & Percentages: Marketing ROI vs. Investment ROI – Occasionally, there is some confusion over Return On Investment (ROI) percentages. This Internet Marketing ROI Calculator determines ROI based on marketing “expense”, rather than on investment “return”. ROI for marketing is different than the ROI on an investment (e.g., stocks). For investing in stocks, if you invest $100 into the stock market, and one month later it is valued at $110, you would say you had a 10% return on your investment (10% investment ROI). Let’s now use the same $100 value to spend on marketing efforts. By definition, the $100 is spent (expensed). If the return for this marketing effort is $110, you would say you had a 110% marketing return (since you make back 100% of your marketing money…plus another 10%).

Marketing is the Engine that Drives Your Business

Image of ROI graphic for online marketing ROI calculator

Smart business owners invest money to increase sales

Online marketing services done right brings you more customers, more revenue, and more profit. And, that’s what you really care about, right?

Marketing is the killer app of business.” ~ Eben Pagan (Internet marketing legend)

As a smart business owner, you already keep track of your numbers. But, how do you measure online marketing ROI (return on investment)? What is the online marketing ROI formula you should use?

No Online Marketing ROI Formula Needed

Just use the handy online marketing ROI calculator above to help you project your online marketing ROI returns when you invest in online marketing services to grow your business. But, just so you know, here’s the ROI formula:

ROI = (Amount of New Revenue – Amount of Investment)/Amount of Investment

The Easy Way to Calculate Online Marketing ROI…

To get started with the Internet Marketing ROI calculator, click the tab you want numbers for. Then, plug in a few numbers and see the value to your business. Note that some tabs have a “Baseline” section. For those, simply fill-in what you’re already doing now. Then, try some realistic improvement numbers.

If you prefer assistance running some numbers, call us at (408) 890-6395. We’re happy to assist…without obligation or pressure. Promise.

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