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Compelling, right? Google has replaced “Google Pages” with “Google+ Local” and “Google Business Pages”. Whatever they call it, smart business owners want a business directory listing with Google. Why?

Here’s Where Consumers Are Searching…

“Google+ Local is becoming the Number 1 place online where consumers find…and check-up on…a business.” ~ Rob Actis (Local Marketing Expert)

From our vantage point, it’s pretty clear that Google favors other Google properties in their search results…like YouTube and Google+ Local.

Try This Yourself…

You can verify this yourself. Do a casual Google search for any business you have in your area (say, a chiropractor or plumber). You’ll no doubt get a standard set of search results…along with a special set of listings called a 7-Pack of local businesses matching the search phrase (for example, plumber san jose).

Image of Google search with 7-pack

Google search with 7-pack

The 7-pack of local businesses are Google+ Local business listings. And, Google tells us over 90% of searchers never go past Page 1 of search results. When you have your business appear in them on Page 1 is like having a giant customer-magnet for your business.

This Is The Result…

When your business has an optimized listing in Google+ Local…and it’s on Page 1, your phone rings a lot more. Just ask any business owner who’s in that position.

Here’s What To Do…

You may already have a Google+ Local listing…and not even know it. Do a search to see if you can find it. If you find it, you’ll want to get it claimed and optimized it the right way to get it appearing in the 7-Pack.

If you don’t have an optimized Google+ Local business listing, you’re missing out on sales that are instead going to your competitors who do have a Google+ Local listing. Bottom-line…get one.

What We Do…

We create professional, optimized Google+ Local listings for local business owners. We work to get them to appear in the coveted Page-1 7-Pack. To get your Google+ Local business listing optimized the right way, call us now at (408) 890-6395.

Don Roberts (Certified Local Marketing Consultant)

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