Small Business Marketing With Digital Marketing Guide

Marketing a Small Business Just Got Easier with Digital Marketing Guide

Small Business Marketing With Digital Marketing Guide

Smart Business Owners Get Digital Marketing Guide

Certified Local Marketing Consultant Don Roberts and are proud to launch a valuable resource that every smart local business owner will want to have. It’s called Digital Marketing Guide (DMG), and it’s your new secret weapon for small business marketing.

It’s a $47 yearly value, but for charter subscribers it’s free!

How DMG Helps with Small Business Marketing…

Each issue of DMG is packed with expert advice from top Internet marketing professionals who use the same proven methods with their clients. Digital Marketing Guide is designed to show small business owners how to market your business online effectively in order to:

  • Attract More Customers
  • Get More Sales
  • Improve Marketing ROI

Small Business Marketing Choices Simplified…

image of small business marketing choices

DMG sorts through the small business marketing options

DMG helps business owners make sense of the dizzying array of online business marketing options competing for your attention. DMG cuts through the noise and distraction to focus on the marketing channels that are worthy of your marketing investment.

“Don Roberts is an educator and advocate for the success of his clients'” ~ Jack Mize (Best Selling Author and Marketing Expert)

Proven Strategies At Your Fingertips

No more not knowing where to turn…or who to trust. No more taking the time to search the web for information and piece it together. And, no more missing out because you don’t know enough about it. In fact, with DMG, you’ll be able to tell if someone offering you small business marketing services knows what they’re doing…or not.

With DMG, get up-to-date, expert small business marketing advice…all in one place. And, it comes to you. Get DMG.

Video marketing? Facebook marketing? Mobile marketing? Get answers to your questions in Digital Marketing Guide.

DMG Zeroes-in Quickly

DMG is written with busy, small business owners in mind. Each article is short and to-the-point to allow business owners to get-up-to-speed quickly in marketing a small business. On the pages of DMG, you’ll find the sort of actionable advice that will have your competition scratching their heads wondering how you’re doing so well.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the time to read Digital Marketing Guide. But, I’m glad I did because it’s got a lot of strategic information I can use for my business.” ~ Arath Lara (Los Angeles)

What To Do Now…

As you sit there reading this, you begin to realize that Digital Marketing Guide would be great to have in your small business marketing arsenal. All you’ve got to do is put the expert strategies into play to attract more customers, get more sales, and improve your small business marketing ROI. DMG is your new small business marketing secret weapon, and, it gets delivered to your inbox…for free. Get DMG now!

Don Roberts

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Don Roberts

Local Internet Marketing - October 27, 2012

Right,Good to see this useful info here..Thanks a lot for sharing it with us…

    Don Roberts - October 31, 2012

    @Local – Thanks for stopping by. Glad to have you with us. Digital Marketing Guide comes out monthly, and each issue of DMG is full of great advice from top small business marketing experts who help make their clients more findable online.
    Don Roberts Releases “Digital Marketing Guide” Detailing Expert Small Business Marketing Insights - November 12, 2012

[…] online are losing sales unnecessarily. This predicament can be reversed by implementing proven small business marketing […] Releases "Digital Marketing Guide" Detailing Expert Small Business Marketing Insights - November 12, 2012

[…] online are losing sales unnecessarily. This predicament can be reversed by implementing proven small business marketing […]

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