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Here is how your small business can get ahead of your local competitors…

We have just published the December edition of DMG. It is the Mobile Marketing Special Edition. In it, we show you how to get ahead of your local competition with mobile marketing.

What’s Inside The Mobile Marketing Edition of DMG…

Here’s what we take a look at in this mobile marketing special edition of DMG:

  • What you are likely missing out on (Pg 4-5)
  • How to future-proof your business (Pg 7)
  • Find out something important that smartphone users are actively looking for (Pg 9)
  • Learn how to get your smartphone customers to read your company email messages (Pg 11)
  • Find out how to receive the majority of the clicks in Google search (Pg 13)
  • Get a handy checklist for a smartphone-friendly website (Pg 17)
  • Are you missing out on an amazing opportunity related to something Steve Jobs introduced? (Pg 19)

How To Get Digital Marketing Guide…

DMG is free. Click the following link to receive your copy of DMG: Get Digital Marketing Guide

Read it. Take action. Get ahead of the local competition.

Don Roberts – Certified Local Marketing Consultant

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