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The July 2013 edition of Digital Marketing Guide (DMG) is the Customer Loyalty Edition. In it, you’ll find out how to gain the support & loyalty of the customers you already have.

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Here’s What’s Inside…

  • How To Double Your Sales Using The Most Overlooked Marketing Strategy
  • How A Customer Loyalty Program Can Sky Rocket Your Profits Over 100%
  • Learn How To Appreciate And Nurture Customers You Already Have
  • 14 Proven Pinterest Tips
  • 3-Minute Lesson on Search Engine Optimization
  • Why Your Business Should Be Social Media Savvy
  • How To Turn Facebook Fans Into Paying Customers
  • How To Build A Profile Of You Ideal Customer
  • …and more

DMG is a small business marketing guide relied on by lots of businesses to get ahead of their competition. And, it’s designed to be an easy read…and chock full of expert advice for your small business. By reading DMG from cover-to-cover, you’ll be on your way to making more sales in no time.

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