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ALERT – Malware Versions of Popular Website Tool Discovered

*** Breaking News ***

[jbox jbox_css=”border:2px solid #7c7c7c;padding-left:1em;” vgradient=”#dfdfdf|#ffffff” title=”ALERT!”]If you use the popular FileZilla FTP (File Transport Protocol) tool on your PC to upload files to your website(s), you need to be aware that the FileZilla team has discovered that there are malware versions of the popular tool on certain software download sites.[/jbox]

Here’s What The Malware Does…

File Zilla Logo

File Zilla Logo

Malware can do some nasty things to you. In this case, the malware steals your website login username, password, FTP website address, and port number. Then, it sends them to the hacker(s). Then, they can do what they wish using your small business website…like turning it into spam server without you even knowing about it. They can also lock you out of your website.

What You Can Do About It

You can check your version of FileZilla against the graphic image here.

If you do have a malware version of the software, I recommend that you:
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  • Uninstall it now…not later
  • Perform a full-system anti-virus scan of your PC (I like the Eset security suite)
  • Perform a full-system spyware scan (If your anti-virus software does not scan for spyware. I like Spybot)
  • Have the tool(s) above delete any infections
  • Restart your PC
  • Download FileZilla from the official site
[/addsomebling_closeit] For your website(s), I recommend that you:

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  • Scan your website(s) with an online scanning tool, like Use the Scan Now tool on the home page.
  • Change your FTP login password, as well as your WordPress username(s) and passwords (if you have WordPress and if they are different from your FTP username and password).

I hope you’re not affected by this. But, be sure to check.

Don Roberts

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Google Unseated By Yahoo!

Google has been the top most visited website for a long time. In fact, Google is so well known, you (or someone you know) have likely used it as a verb (e.g., “Google it”). But, fresh off the press, USA Today reports today that Yahoo! actually surpassed Google as the top most visited website in July 2013. Wow!

This is important for your small business marketing because if you’re just focusing your online marketing efforts on the ever-so-important Google, you may be missing out on sales.

My recommendation is to make sure your business has an optimized presence in Yahoo! Local and Microsoft’s Bing Places for Business.

Read the USA Today article here:

Yahoo tops Google in U.S. web traffic in July

Don Roberts

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