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How Mobile Took Over The World [Infographic]

“The number of smartphones, tablets, laptops and internet-capable phones will exceed number of humans in 2013.”
~ Cisco

Mobile Takeover

“If your site is not mobile-friendly, it may not rank as highly on mobile.”
~ Matt Cutts (Google)

Is your business website mobile-friendly?

How To Make Your Business Website Mobile-Friendly…

Call us at (408) 890-6395 to find out how you can have a mobile-friendly website that is more findable by local consumers searching for your products and services.

Don Roberts

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Why Local Mobile Marketing Beats Email

Local Mobile Marketing Trumps Email Marketing

Image of local mobile marketing text message example

Local Mobile Marketing - Send Text Messages to Customers Who Volunteer to Receive to Them

Email marketing still works great…and, it plays an important role in your online marketing efforts. It’s just not quite as effective as it used to be. Although Delivery Rate climbed to 95% in 2010, Open rate fell to 17% (Source: MarketingProfs). But, don’t assume that email marketing is dead. It’s not. But, there’s something even better, and it’s called mobile marketing…more specifically local mobile marketing.

Local Mobile Marketing

Can you guess what gets opened far more often than email? If you said “text messages”, you’re right. I don’t know about you, but I look at 100% of my incoming text messages. And, I’d be willing to bet that most people do the same. That is unrivaled in any other form of marketing today.

“Marketing is the engine that powers your business” ~ Don Roberts

If you’re not marketing your business, your business is dying. It’s smart to market to your existing customers to grow your business…or at the very least, maintain your business.

“Adding local mobile marketing to the mix is like putting rocket-fuel in your marketing engine.” ~ Don Roberts

Local Mobile Marketing: Text Messaging

One of the main components of local mobile marketing is text messaging. For now, put aside any thoughts of teenagers continuously texting LOL, OMG, and similar nonsense. Instead, imagine sending local mobile marketing text messages to customers and prospects…who want to receive them.

Just to be clear, I’m only talking about sending local mobile marketing text messages to your customers who have opted-in to your text message marketing program. Just because you may happen to have the cell phone numbers of your customers does not mean you should just start sending messages to them. That’s spamming, and against CANSPAM laws…that also apply to local mobile marketing.

But, if you’re customers willingly text their contact information to join your local mobile marketing text messaging program, you’ve got a powerful way to increase your sales.

“Studies have show that most people keep their mobile phone within three meters of their body 24-hrs a day.” ~ Oliver Waller (Marketing Expert)

Local Mobile Marketing: Motivation for Opting In to a Text Messaging Campaign?

Before we move on to an example, let’s talk about “why” a customer or prospect would want to voluntarily opt-in to a local mobile marketing program when they know they’re going to receive marketing text messages from you. It’s pretty straightforward really. The answer is that you, the business owner, makes it worth their while. The enticement to join your text messaging program may be for something like discounted meal offers that only available to local mobile marketing text message subscribers. Maybe, it’s a free round of drinks if Kobe scores over 30-pts in tonight’s Lakers game. You know your customers and what would motivate them.

Local Mobile Marketing: Example

First, The Typical Approach During Slow Times…The Street Corner

Let’s say you own a pizza franchise (it could be any business that relies on foot traffic). During your slow periods, you’ve been sending one of your workers (“Marty”) to the nearest intersection to wag a sign around advertising your special pizza deal. Here’s your situation:

  • Your cash register is not ringing
  • You’re paying Marty to stand outside. He’s bored-to-tears swinging a sign in the hot sun…and will likely jump at the first better gig that comes along (causing you to start the hiring and training process all over again)
  • Swing-the-sign advertising is not that effective, as most motorists aren’t paying attention

The Better Approach During Slow Times…Local Mobile Marketing

You read this article about how local mobile marketing can help you increase business using texting. Since you’re a smart business owner, you decide to look into it. But, like most business owners, you’re not sure how local mobile marketing works…or who you can trust to guide you. Luckily, I’ve got you covered. After talking with me, you realize that when you add local mobile marketing to market with text messaging during your slow times, your sales-starved situation changes to this:

  • The cash register is now ringing during what used to be slow times
  • You’re now paying Marty to take orders…and he’s probably glad to have his job now
  • Text marketing is way more effective at bringing in customers than waving a sign at glazed-over motorists

Clearly, this is a much better position for you to be in.

“Most people leave the house with their keys, their wallet, and their mobile phone with them. So, SMS (Short Message Service – text messaging) is one of the most effective ways to message people.” ~ Oliver Waller (Marketing Expert)

Here’s How to Get Your Current Situation Turned Around: Local Mobile Marketing

Mobile text message marketing works for many businesses, but not all businesses. If your business relies on a certain volume of customers coming through the door, like a restaurant, bar, movie theater, etc., then you’ll want local mobile marketing.

Smart business owners do not try to do this themselves. You’re great at what you do, and you certainly do not want to take on another job learning the ins-and-outs of mobile marketing text messaging. Find a local mobile marketing expert who knows how to set-up texting campaigns, and discuss your business situation. To get up and running in no time, contact Net Marketing Fusion to set-up your local mobile marketing program.

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