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How To Make Your Business Standout In Google

What Catches Your Eye?

Image of Example of 7-Pack Business Listings in Google Search Results

(Click Image to Enlarge) Example of 7-Pack Business Listings in Google Search Results

Quick…take a look at the Google search results listing to the left. Which business catches your attention first? (Click the image to enlarge it, if desired)

If you’re like most people, you eyes were drawn to the gold stars (14 Google reviews). Studies show that the businesses showing the stars are the ones who get more of the consumer calls…unless, of course, if the stars are showing a low rating.

Did you also happen to notice that three of the other businesses in the example above also have Google reviews? Yet, only one of them is showing the gold stars. Why is that?

Previously, Google would only display gold star ratings when a business had 10 or more customer reviews. Then, Google removed the stars entirely. But, they decided they really added to the searcher’s experience. So, they brought them back and…changed the minimum number of reviews required to display the stars.

Back To The 7-Pack Example

Notice the second plumber listed in the example has 4 Google reviews. If they were to get just one more customer review, Google will now turn the gold stars on for them. That’s right…just one more review gets them the eye-magnet gold stars for consumers to notice.

And, that’s just one of the powerful things you can do to make your business standout in Google. More on that in a minute…

[jbox title=”Black Belt Tip” jbox_css=”border:3px solid #7c7c7c;padding-left:2em;” vgradient=”#dfdfdf|#ffffff” shadow=”7″ icon=””]To enjoy the benefits of having the gold stars next to your Google search results business listing, get at least 5 customer reviews for your Google+ Local business page.[/jbox]

How To Get Your Business Into The 7-Pack

There are a lot of local businesses competing for the coveted 7-Pack of business listings on Google Page 1 search results.

“Nine in 10 web searchers do not go past Page 1 of Google search results.”
~ Google

If your business is not in the 7-Pack on Page 1 of Google, you’re missing out on calls from consumers who are actively looking every day for the products and services you are selling.

With all of the competition, unfortunately it’s not easy to get into Google’s Page 1 7-Pack of business listings. But, we know how get it done. And, once you’re there, you’ll start attracting more customers and more sales.

What To Do Now…

Call (408) 890-6395 to discuss your situation and to find out how your business can be in the 7-Pack on Page 1 of Google search results. No pressure. Promise.

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Bing Business Portal – Bing is going to Give Google Places a run for it’s money

Bing Business Portal

It’s still in Beta, but Bing Business Portal already has all of the makings of a very useful tool for marketing to your local customer base.

Having a business listing in Google Places is still a must. And now, there’s a new “must”. It’s call Bing Business Portal, and you definitely want a business listing in Bing.

Bing offers enhanced functionality over Google Places…adding numerous things to the mix, including social media connectivity, top selling items, and coupons.

I wrote a blog post on my business blog. Read more about Bing Business Portal!

Don Roberts

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Google Places – Google Removes Offsite Reviews from Google Places

News Flash – Google Removes Offsite Reviews from Google Places

Google has removed customer reviews written offsite from the Google Places pages. Reviews that were written using Google Places are still visible. But, reviews written on third-party sites, such as and, are no longer visible on the Google Places page for a business. But, don’t panic.

Why Were the Offsite Customer Reviews Removed from Google Places?

It’s my opinion that Google may want to emphasize customer reviews written on Google Places…and de-emphasize the reviews written on other properties. Google has added a big red “Write a review” button on the places page for a given business.

Image of Google Places Write a review button

Google Places - "Write a review" button

Non- Google Places Reviews are Still Important

Customer reviews written offsite from Google Places still matter…for two reasons:

  1. People still visit the other sites looking for reviews on a business area (e.g., dog kennels san jose) or a business in particular (e.g., The Happy Houndie Kennel). If your business (or your client’s business) does not have any reviews on the non- Google Places review sites, you (or your client) is invisible to customers.
  2. The customer reviews still count in the search results. For example, Google shows the total number of customer reviews next to a business listing in the search results…whether they come from Google Places or the other customer review sites. More is typically better…especially if they’re favorable reviews.

If you’re a business owner, now you know why the offsite customer reviews disappeared from your Google Places page. I recommend that you continue to encourage your customers to write reviews on the other customer review sites.

If you manage Google Places pages for your clients, now would be a good time to contact them to let them know. It will make you look like you’re on-top of things…and watching out for them.

Don Roberts

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