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Why Business Listings Are Important…

“97% of consumers check out local businesses online before they decide to call or visit them.”
~ Google

With just shy of 100% of consumers checking a business out online before they contact a business, it’s more important than ever to make sure your business shows up wherever the consumers are looking for information about your business.

Printed Directories Have Seen Their Day…

But, the business directory marketing that works today isn’t what it used to be. Nearly gone are the days that people use the old-school telephone books…yellow, white, or any other color. Once delivered, many go directly to the recycling bin. And, every small business owner that I’ve spoken with who has advertised in printed phone books tells me the same thing…they are not seeing any return on investment with phone book advertising. That’s clearly not working.

What Is Working…

Listings in online business directories…also known as “business citations”. There are numerous Internet business directories that consumers frequent to find out information about a local business.

When you have optimized business citations in all of the important business directories, you are placing your business right in front of consumers who are looking for local businesses that do what you do.

Now, each consumer has their personal preference for the particular business directory or directories that they frequent. So, naturally it’s important to have your business appearing in all of the important regional, local, and business-type directories that you can. This strategically places your business in all of the right places to be found.

One of the other important things consumers do while looking at online business directories is read what other consumers say about your business. These are also known as “customer reviews”. Having favorable customers reviews just cements the deal for you.

An Unfair Advantage…

Many small business owners are not aware of the fact that they can enjoy their unfair share of Google search results listings by having more than one listing on Page 1. For example, Google (owner of Google+ Local…formerly Google Places) prominently positions Google+ Local business listings for consumers looking for local products and services. With just this one example, you can have your website AND your Google+ Local business listing both on Page 1 of Google search results…dramatically increasing your visibility and chances of getting contacted by new customers. Very nice.

What To Do Now…

Having your small business in all of the right business directories helps make your business more findable online. And, that paves the way for more sales for your business.

And, if you’re still advertising in one or more printed directory and not seeing a return on your investment, move your marketing dollar over to online business listings. That’s a smart move because there’s only upside going this preferred route.

Business directory marketing is a key tool that savvy business owners have in their small business marketing tool box. Call (408) 890-6395 to find out how to get your business listed in all of the right business directories for your particular business…and get ready for more sales.

Don Roberts

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